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Stargate Movie Figures
Made by Kenner/Hasbro to coincide with the release of the Stargate feature film in 1994, these figures weren't really that accurate to their film counterparts, but up until Diamond Select Toys acquired the license to produce their line of Stargate SG-1 this was all Stargate fans had for the action figures.

Ruler of Abydos, with Shooting Pharaoh Gun and Alien Spaceship Artifact
Chief Guard, with Shooting Sandstorm blaster and Winged Glider Artifact
Horus Palace Guard
Palace Guard, with Eliminator Cannon and Sarcophagus Artifact
Horus Attack Pilot
Attack Pilot, with Aerial Attack Gun and Chariot Artifact
Colonel O'Neil
Team Leader, with Shooting Bazooka Blaster and Stargate Artifact
Lt. Kawalsky
Weapons Expert, with Shooting Combat Cannon and All-Terrain Cruiser Artifact.
Dr. Daniel Jackson
Archaeologist, with Shooting Battle Blaster and Pyramid Artifact.
Rebel Leader, with Shooting Rebel Launcher and Mastadge Artifact.
Winged Glider

Alien Attack Craft
All Terrain

Beast of Burden

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